What Enneagram or Meyer-Briggs Type are you?


I realize that both of these are not really psychometrically-sound thingies, but I’m wondering if evaluators tend to have similar personality identities. And, does this vary by evaluation work contexts?


Because I asked…I’m an ENFP/J (the last two vary). I may be a 1, 6, or 7, but I haven’t shelled out the cash for the real test. I tend to do a lot of formative/developmental work and consider myself a methodological pragmatist (I use what I can that will work to answer what’s being asked).


I did the Myers-Briggs a few years ago (maybe 7?). It was the “real test” done as part of a master’s program in psych and I believe I may have had a similar profile type to your’s. Among the other students in my class, I was one of the few to have that profile which is why it stuck out. It was either ENFJ or ENTJ.


Thanks for answering! What kind of eval work do you like to do? Do you think you think your work preferences are related to your “type”?


I do curriculum and program evaluation (broadly; formative & summative). I’m still a student, though. I don’t believe that my “type” plays a role in the evaluations I choose to do, but rather in how I do them…well, maybe more how I conceptualize them. I’m not entirely sure if that’s clear…


I love personality tests! I’ve always gotten ENTJ and Type 8 on my Ennegram.


Love this question and have thought about similar things! I’m an ENFP - sometimes known as the champion. Though I am right in the middle for a few of the areas (E/I, F/T and P/J I think), I relate very deeply with this type. I do mostly developmental and complexity-based work and pride myself on bridging the gap between idealism and pragmatism.

I also relate heavily to my enneagram of 9- the peacemaker. At our best, 9s are great at navigating and transforming conflict and relating to many different personalities and perspectives.


Pretty sure I was a 9 the last time I did the enneagram. And INFP for Meyer-Briggs

Lots of E’s on this page, maybe just says something about people willing to jump right into discussing things on a brand new forum :slight_smile:

Strengths Finder Anyone? Here are my 5.

Hogwarts House

There was a good episode of the hidden brain podcast about personality tests like these:



Love the podcast! Thank you for sharing it. By the way, I’m fairly certain that Ravenclaw would be my best house. I’ve not done the Strengths Finder, but those seem like some nice, useful words.

Part of the reason I asked the question is because I was talking to someone who makes their living basically as a professional life coach and consultant to leadership at colleges who swears by Enneagram. She suggested taking several online tests and seeing where you test. But it came with a caveat – women often test as a 2, because of how we’re socialized.

So anyway, the several times I took these tests, I found myself thinking “what’s socialization vs. who I am” and THEN - “what’s my JOB vs. who I am?” And honestly, I wonder how to what extent I do my job because it fits who I am; conversely, how much my job informs my identity at this point.

I’m also struck that in our incredibly tiny sample here, it’s all Ns.


I feel like I would probably be Gryffindor also…:grinning:



Also I’m adorkable!


INTJ for Myers-Brigg

Type 1 for my Enneagram


INFJ for the official and bootleg versions.

My personality affects my evaluation practice in lots of ways --my preferred work environment, collaboration, communication, etc…



Same here Nicole. Maybe that’s why I love your material so much : )


So, by coincidence, a clergyperson (Rev. Emma Kegler) I follow on Twitter has sought to see if there’s any correlation between MBTI, Enneagram, Harry Potter House, and your astrological sign. You might think it’s worth contributing to her data to see her chart at the end.