Welcome to Eval Central


At Eval Central we aim to encourage positive and fruitful discussion among culturally diverse evaluators from around the globe. It is an open forum and as a participant, you will shape its direction.

How to be a good participant:

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Dialogue, not monologue.
  • It’s super easy to end a conversation, but can you start one?
  • Or better yet, can you make an existing conversation better?
  • It takes a community to moderate a community.
  • Some self-promotion is okay, you can talk about cool events you are participating in or nice books you’ve written, but don’t be a spammer.
  • Know someone who should be a part of the conversation? Invite them in!
  • Oh, and don’t be a jerk.
  • We’ll come up with more as we go.

Best place to start?

  • Introduce yourself in the introductions thread!

EvalCentral is NOT designed to deliver advertisements or sell user data (looking at you Facebook and LinkedIn). You will control what, if any, emails and notifications you receive.

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