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Lucky you, you’re one of the first members to get invited to the brand new Eval Central.

But here is the deal, there are two requirements for this site to start growing.

  1. We need to seed conversations, so add your voice please! Add a reply to some of the conversations on the main page, and if you feel like starting your own, please do!
  2. People need to know about the site. So invite all of your evaluator friends, and maybe even some of your evaluator frenemies.

Once we have a sizable group, at least 50+ with 50+ individual posts, I’m going to close this particular thread and hide it in a staff channel. But I would like your help on a continued basis, at least if you are willing to continue offering the support!

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Hey, if you could do me a favor. Once you check this place out, can you introduce yourself by hitting reply on the introduce yourself thread?


Hey My name is Bilal graduated from economics faculty from Yemen and i have been working in humanitarian sector since 2011 and I have like almost 4 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation in the emergency context in Yemen as we all know unfortunately Yemen is the most complex and worst crisis in the world since world War II.

Glad to be here



My name is Rebecca and I’m a professor in St. Louis. I’ve been involved in several grant projects and have been interested in evaluation from that perspective and from a research perspective. Happy to be here!

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I’m a guy who uses the term “iterate” at least 12 times a day.

I’m happy to help track down answers to your questions or just generally lend a helpful hand.

Oh and nobody has ever seen me and Batman in the same room together.