Values in evaluation - will you tell me about your experiences?


Hello fellow evaluators,

I’m an evaluator in Australia, with a research project on the role of values in the practice of evaluation. I began with linking the literature on values with the practice of evaluation, and now focusing on how evaluators experience and observe values within an evaluation.

I’m keen to hear your experiences of values in evaluation - such as negotiation and disagreement around values, as well as situations where values differences are visible but not discussed, or ways people have engaged with values, or the reflections on values at the end of en evaluation.

If this sounds familiar to you, would you have 20-30 minutes to talk to me about your experiences with values in evaluation? We’ll do this by phone or skype.
I’ve made a list of all the possible times, to work across all time zones. This is the link to book a time to talk about values:

Feel free to share this with an evaluator who might have an interesting experience to share.

And if you know anyone who wants to learn more about values and ways to think about values within evaluation, I’m giving a professional development workshop at the AEA conference in Minneapolis - 12 November - on ‘values literacy’ for evaluation (

Thanks and I look forward to hearing your stories,

Keryn Hassall
Brisbane, Australia
phone: +61 (0)438 295550
email: [email protected]
twitter: @kerynhassall