UpComing EvalCentral UnWebinars


Excited to announce this week’s Eval Central UnWebinar will feature @c_camman

Hope you can join!

This coming week we have a special guest: Carolyn Camman

This week’s seed topic: What does it mean to put Developmental Evaluation into Practice?

Topic inspiration: Carolyn’s lastest blog post: Complexity and Equity

Hook up your web cam, put on your headset, and bring your expertise.

Each week we’ll facilitate a conversation. Starting with a seed topic, then allowing the conversation to evolve naturally.


Next one in the series:

This week’s guest conversation facilitator: Dana Wanzer

This week’s seed topic: The Integration of Research and Practice in Evaluation

Topic inspiration: ROE TIG Week: Research on Evaluation – A Glance Towards Integrative Evaluation Science