Translation Service Recommendations?


Hi all,

Does anyone know of a company (or university?) that does translation services for surveys and analyses of qualitative data? I’m planning a study that involves camp alumni who speak Italian, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and maybe some other languages. I am trying to figure out how to translate the study invites, survey, and then the qualitative responses at the end - likely hundreds of surveys would need translation. Thanks for your help in setting me on the right path!
-Ann Gillard
SeriousFun Children’s Network


Hi Ann, this is a bit of a different approach than what you’re asking for, but there is an R package that could translate the text for you. Probably not the best approach for translating the invites and survey, but could be an option for the responses. If you want more info on how this might work, just let me know!


Hi Ann,

Are the survey responses typed or handwritten? If typed, your options open up considerably (like the option from @dgkeyes). Still, depending on your research questions, I’d imagine you’d need humans to look at it to get more accurate meanings and syntax. (Sorry!)

Likely, you’ll end up separating the tasks (translation and analysis), which I would strongly recommend anyway.



Hi Ann,
This service is used by museums: Eriksen Translations -



Could R please bring me a cup of sugar right now? R can do anything! :wink:
I’ll consider R for responses - thanks for letting me know about this great resource!


Jeremy - the responses will be typed, using Qualtrics as the survey platform. Definitely need some humans involved!


Not to go 100% R fanboy on you, but there’s also an R package to get data directly from Qualtrics. You could use that to bring data in and then translate it using the googleLanguageR package.