Terms that confuse me in evaluation


Can you please explain to me or summarize these terms to me?and whedo you know about them and what they mean to you in your career?
1- data protection
2- data privacy
3- data management
4- information management system

Thanks in advance


Hi There! This is how I define them:

  1. Data Protection: the measures taken to ensure no unauthorized access or use of the data. I typically utilize measures which adhere to U.S. federal HIPPA requirements.
  2. Data Privacy: The extent to which the data may be used. Typically the scope is agreed upon between the one collecting the data and the one providing it (e.g., as stated via informed consent).
  3. Data Management: The procedures and structures (formats/software) employed to “manage” and hold the data.
  4. Information Management System: The system or software designated for management of the data.

Hope that helps!