Special Guest Vidhya Shanker (March 25, 10AM Eval Central UnWebinar)


Register for March 25 at 10AM Eastern.

Let’s talk evaluation!

This coming week we have a special guest: Vidhya Shanker

This week’s seed topic: The Invisible Labor of Women of Color and Indigenous Women in Evaluation

Topic inspiration: Vidhya’s recent AEA365 Post

Hook up your web cam, put on your headset, and bring your expertise.

Each week we’ll facilitate a conversation. Starting with a seed topic, then allowing the conversation to evolve naturally.

Want to watch replays, you can find them here:

March 18: Evaluation in Crisis (UnWebinar kick-off)


Here is a new replay of the webinar, cleaned up and uploaded to YouTube. So now you can watch/share without having to register :slight_smile: