So... I'm building a webapp for M&E / program design - feedback?


First things first… My little website is, and you can reach the webapp by navigating

Now, I’ve found that articulating exactly what this webapp does is a little challenging. I’d say that much of it’s functionality will replicate the excellent Logframer by facilitdev. The underlying database structure, however, allows for an approach that’s a bit more flexible, and I’m hoping that the webapp implementation of this will be a bit more navigable.

It’s also designed so that everything is contained within an organization, and you can share access to an ‘organization’ with other users, for collaborative program design development. This also allows each successive project to get a little quicker to develop, since you can recycle the indicators and other components across projects.

It’s still in quite an early design stage, what I’d call pre-alpha. Documentation is a bit limited to non-existent, though I’m hoping the ‘home’ page gives an overview of the main concepts - and at this stage, if you find something confusing, with a need for documentation - it probably means I could design it better.

It’s sort of reaching a stage that I’d be interested in hearing feedback before developing it further. (Even better, if there’s anyone who would like to contribute to the project and knows python/django that would be amazing! Right now, I’m also looking to incorporate a few jquery/javascript components to make it a bit more dynamic, and my javascript is admittedly a little rusty.)

When you register, you can either set up a new organization, or you can reach out to me here - and I can share an organization with somewhat more developed examples for you to explore.

If you take the time to check it out - I’d be really interested in hearing what you think. Is this something you can see yourself using? What features would be useful (that I could add to the development roadmap)? Anything where terms are confusing? Can you think of a better name for this thing?

Despite the ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’, this project is open source, and I’m just one guy. Those are a sort of CYA measure, and required by google analytics - which is the only cookie I use to see what parts of the site are most trafficked (right now, pretty much just me). If you want to see the source code, reach out to me, and I’ll share the github repo with you.

Thanks in advance for any time you take to look at this project!!!