Resources on evaluating equity?


For a while now, a lot of initiatives / projects list equity as one of the goals they are working towards. I think more of our partners will be looking to take their equity work more seriously now that there is a public push for those in power to acknowledge systemic racism. How can we prepare to really evaluate equity work?

As an evaluator, what resources or professional development opportunities have you used to:

  • Understand equity issues
  • Consider frameworks designed to evaluate equity
  • Push partners to evaluate their equity work

I’ve seen a lot of resources out there to gain a general understanding of equity and systemic racism. I’m curious if there is anything that has really helped guide your work and / or push your partners as an evaluator.

I plan on looking into the following to start:

Is there anything that really helped you as an evaluator?


Thank you for starting this conversation @MichelleMolina. I have mostly worked in international development and have not found a lot of existing resources related to equity in that context, so I have adapted resources such as those on the list you shared.

I think engaging the team you are working with, whether an evaluation team or the organization itself, on a self-reflection, can be really impactful to constantly check in with yourself, such as this activity:

I also worked with my team to take Implicit Association Tests to begin a conversation about our own biases, which prompted a discussion about how that was potentially impacting our work. While this was not only about equity, I think this is still relevant to the conversation.

I am very interested to hear about what resources others have to share!


I think the equitable evaluation initiative is really helpful. They have a ton of resources and information available on their website beyond just the framework.