Mixed Methods - your favorites?


Hi Evaluators!
I come from a quantitative background, and currently work as an impact person in a global health organization. The organization has a strong history of using qualitative methods. As the “data person”, I’m interested in exploring more mixed methods, however my familiarity with MM is not the best. I was hoping the evaluators here could point me towards your favorite mixed methods studies, or other resources!

Thank you!


Hi Maria,
It’s great to hear of your interest in mixed methods. Here are some good resources you might find useful:

  • Mixed Methods in Social Inquiry by Jennifer Greene - A thorough but also not too long book covering many key practical as well as theoretical considerations in mixed methods, from a very-well respected thought leader in this area.
  • Introduction To Mixed Methods in Impact Evaluation by Michael Bamberger - A practical guide, sponsored by InterAction, that outlines the elements of a mixed methods approach with particular reference to how it can be used in an impact evaluation. Michael has had a long and illustrious career in international development evaluation. Note that the link I’ve shared goes to BetterEvaluation, which is pretty much the go-to source for online resources on any evaluation topic.
  • The Journal of Mixed Methods Research - A well-respected journal that, while focused on research, may have examples of studies that could be helpful in your evaluation work. The founding editor of this journal was Donna Mertens, who is an influential evaluation leader, too.

I hope these help!


Thank you so much, Tom! This is super useful!


I’ve found the following book chapter to be helpful in thinking about mixed methods - Figure 7.1 especially. The chapter is focused mostly on research but definitely applies to evaluation too.


Another resource that may be of use to you is Vogt’s book on determining what the best analysis method is based on your data. Selecting the Right Analyses for Your Data : Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods


That Figure really is great!


Hi @marialma,

The new Creswells are wonderful introductory texts that many of my students find very intuitive and helpful. In addition to exploring their most current typology, Creswell & Plano Clark describe how to develop research questions and manuscript sections. There are sample studies in the appendices. Creswell & Creswell offer a nice shelf resource for comparing quan, qual, and mixed traditions.

Best of luck in your future MM work!