Introduce yourself please :)


Hey there!

I’m Monique Farone, an internal evaluator at a local health department just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

I was first introduced to evaluation via my Master’s in Public Health program. After graduating and then spending a few years in research, I realized I wanted more of the classes I loved the most - program eval, needs assessments, and the like. I got super lucky and managed to find my current position - which actually has the word “evaluation” in it and made the job search nice and simple at the time.

I’m very interested in evaluation facilitation, capacity building, and finding ways to share information so that it’s engaging and free of jargon.

People have recently come to me for help with creating infographics, surveys, database development, and general evaluation planning.


Hi all,

My name is Zach Tilton and I’m a student and Doctoral Research Associate at Western Michigan University in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation Program. I am setting and pursuing an agenda for research on peacebuilding evaluation. I am also conducting research on evaluation and technology and serve as the Co-chair for the Integrating Technology into Evaluation Topical Interest Group for AEA.

My entry point into evaluation was international development, specifically youth develooment, while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. After the Peace Corps I worked on multiple internal evaluation units for peacebuilding organizations and continued to specialize in peacebuilding evaluation professionally and academically.

I provide evaluation consulting for the Digital Impact Alliance, which specializes in using technology to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals. I am also an associate at Everyday Peace Indicators, an organization that specializes in participatory peacebuilding evaluation. People come to me for support with internal and external evaluation for tech-enabled international development and peacebuilding interventions.

Looking forward to learning alongside you all and joining you all in building an inclusive digital community of evaluation practitioners.


Dear All,

I’m currently doing a PhD at the University of Nottingham and I’m in the writing up stage. I’m part time but hope to complete next year.

I’ve set out to conduct a realist evaluation of rurally based community stroke services in England. I wish to continue working in evaluation when I graduate. I’m currently writing up the results from my three case studies.

Looking forward to learning from all of you


Hi all,
I would say that I came into research and evaluation organically–from my experience as an urban educator, being on the client side in non-profit management, and in museum management. Along the way, I took a keen interest in how evaluation can uncover key findings and inform decisions with confidence (and, of course, introduce new, important questions)!

Now, I work at Slover Linett Audience Research, a niche firm that seeks to help organizations in the cultural sector, broadly defined, to understand their audiences. And not just their demographics, but their values, needs, engagement styles, attendance patterns–how they experience what you offer, emotionally, cognitively, socially, physically.

Always learning. Always questioning. Glad to be a part of this conversation! Nancy


Hello all,
I am Renata, based in Rome and working at Office of Evaluation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. I am quite new to this world but getting into it deeper day after day as I facilitate a Community of Practice on Evaluation called EVAL-ForwARD, which specifically focuses on evaluation for food security, agriculture and rural development.
My areas of interest are knowledge management and communication on evaluation, supporting exchanges among evaluators’ practitioners and non-evaluators, awareness raising on evaluation and its contribution to policies, and expanding the outreach and visibility of evaluation findings and approaches.
People come to me for advice on communities of practice and online knowledge sharing, to find dissemination channels and on communication in general.
I am happy to be part of this new community and learn from you all.


Warm greetings from a humid day spring day in Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri (our building sits on the border with an entrance in KS and back exit in MO).

I’m Becky Findley, International Evaluation Manager at Unbound, an international development agency that focuses on supporting individuals and families living in poverty in goal achievement through long-term, personalized support.

I was given the opportunity to work in evaluation by chance. I applied for a different position. When they noticed my background in social work and international development they instead invited to interview for the evaluation role, which had not yet been posted. Seven years later and I’m still grateful my resume made its way to the evaluation department.

I love the challenging puzzles that real-world, multi-site, global evaluations present. I’m passionate about making evaluation an accessible tool for all. Oh, and making a strong, understandable, message driven data-viz is such a fun way to spend a morning/afternoon/day at work.