Finding the right job candidates


We have been hiring for an Associate position at Innovation Network for a little while now, and have yet to hire. Part of the challenge is finding a candidate with the right skills and experience - as a firm that conducts a number of advocacy evaluations, the skillset is kind of niche, but I’m guessing there might be a supply-and-demand issue with the interest in evaluation growing faster than the number of evaluators.

I’m wondering if others have been successful in your hiring process, and what strategies and methods you used to find the right candidates?


Thanks @AMarchant for your question. Finding the right candidate is always a challange. My biggest challenge is in finding the right personality that fits well with the team. A test and interview could help you check the candidates technical expertiese, and partially know their personality. This where I started believing in friends and colleagues recommendations, and this in addition to some tests or interview would ensure finding a good person to a large extent.


My guess is it’s probably a rate and region issue. Are you offering flexible working arrangements? After being indie/remote for the better part of a few years now, it’s hard for me to imagine being back in a regular office again. Especially somewhere like DC where it would involve a daily commute.


Thanks for all your thoughts! @Hayat.Askar Personality is a huge consideration, especially in the consulting world where client relationship building is a huge part of the job, and I think that combination with technical skills is very hard to find. @clysy We have some flexibility but not full time remote! Do you do a lot of collaborative work? What has helped you be successful there? I think we would need to make some infrastructure changes before that was an option with our team.

I’m interested in how people have sourced candidates - where have you applications come from, and how have you sought them out?