Favorite Evaluation Activity?


What is everyone’s favorite/go-to intro to evaluation activity?


I did the “evaluating chocolate chip cookies” (Preskill & Russ-Eft, 2005) assignment in my foundations of evaluation class last week! My students might pop onto here (I recommended they get involved on EvalCentral!) and could give some feedback from their perspective.

An activity I know Stewart Donaldson does in foundations class/workshops is to evaluate the room you’re in from a variety of perspectives: student, teacher, fireman, someone in a wheelchair, etc. (not sure the exact categories beyond that) to see how perspective matters in evaluation. Obviously that activity has been memorable for me as I participated in it around 6 years ago!


Thanks Dana! I was thinking about using the chocolate chip cookie exercise. Always get a little nervous about activities with food given allergies, preferences, special diets, etc. I forgot about that room exercise I definitely did that one in grad school and it was excellent. Appreciate the tips!


The cookie exercise encourages the use of a “participant observer” who discusses actively with the group but does not actively eat the cookies. Allows for a different perspective and unique experience compared to groups in which everyone eats the cookie. Perhaps somewhat better since we as evaluators do not often experience the things we evaluate as participants!