Evaluation reports - learning tools?



I want to enhance my knowledge in evaluation and thinking of reading real evaluation reports to learn about different methodologies, data collection tools and sectors. How could I judge if an evaluation report is the right one and where could I find such reports?



One good resource is the informalscience.org website. They have a directory of submitted evaluation reports that you can look through.


Hi there,
It may be more useful to you if you focus on a few content fields of interest. While there are general competencies that cross boundaries, certain areas require (or are biased for) certain methodologies.

What content areas are you most interested in?


Grey literature repositories are great sources of evaluation reports. Check out these links:
CES Grey Lit
AEA Public Library


@Hayat.Askar reports can be incredibly variable in terms of quality, even with some of the biggest names in the field. That said, going to sites that match some of your interest areas is probably a good place to start.

One trick I found is going to organization twitter accounts, and seeing the reports that organizations are particularly proud to share. Something like https://twitter.com/gatesfoundation or even searching on twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=un%20report&src=typed_query

There are a number reports aggregated here as well: https://www.issuelab.org/


I agree generally @jrmolle2, yet I’ve been told recently by an AEA review board that publishing in grey literature is seen (by them, anyway) as negative. Then again, who decides what is grey literature seems to be a bit problematic.


Wow, I would have never thought that. That’s good to know, though. Thanks so much for sharing!


More than one topic in deed, but currently I am interested in gender responsive evaluation


That’s helpful, thanks