Evaluation of Social Entrepreneurship


Anyone has experience evaluating social entrepreneurship programs? Can you suggest douments to read?



Can you say more about what you mean by social entrepreneurship programs? I have been doing some logic model work with a few social enterprises. It’s been interesting to wrap my head around how these organizations differ from the non-profits I have more experience working with. The biggest learning I have come away with is the need to get an understanding of how the organization or project is balancing the goals of profit and social-related outcomes - since these are sometimes at odds with each other. I have been doing some separate learning as well, including a free online course through coursera called “Social impact strategy: Tools for entrepreneurs and innovators”. It includes some advice about evaluation from a non-evaluator lens, with the main advice being to focus on dashboards including a mix of business metrics, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, efficiency and social impacts. Here is the link to a reading on balanced scorecards, but would also say that it’s good to keep in mind that any evaluation tool could be applied in this setting, and as with any evaluation it should depend on the context and the evaluation questions you are trying to answer.


Great topic to open @Hayat.Askar.

I am interested in transitioning into a career for social impact and entrepreneurship.

During the past several weeks myself and a team of three others are building a conversation around a new nonprofit operating system. We are researching and discovering the customer and market need.

We are keen to learn how to measure social impact and a quality of living revenue.

I will share articles or posts I encounter during my research.


Thank you so much @RobynMcLean for sharing these useful links and thanks @Mosca.

Actually the way I understand social enterprise concept is as you mentioned; to work for your own profit and for creating social benefit for others. A company that is managing an application for selling small businesses crafts will get money from this app and will help these businesses benefit. It is doing a social impact.

Interested to read more on that.



@Hayat that is exactly my understanding. I am practicing curiosity during this research and discovery period.

I am wondering if there are areas within our capitalist system that communities want to see adjusted. Think coops, zero % loans, pay it forward funding and other models.

Is the company profit and provide social benefit the only model?

I attended Starting Bloc and was really excited by the key note speaker Vicki Saunders.

What is possible when you let go of current operating systems?