Eval Central Blog Suggestions & Nominations


Okay, so I’m bringing back the blog of blogs (evalcentral’s original format) that will exist concurrently with this forum. The goal is three fold:

  • Support Independent Blogging
  • Amplify New Voices
  • Archive Conversation

It is now live, you can see what it looks like here > blog.evalcentral.com

How it works.
Basically, it mixes up a bunch of blog feeds to create one big archived super blog.
The blog posts are automatically shared via EvalCentral’s Twitter account, and go out via email to people who subscribe to the daily newsletter.

I need your help.
I need your suggestions on the blogs I should include (you can certainly suggest your own). They should be written for an evaluation audience, if you have questions just ask here.

What it requires.
Don’t worry if you don’t get the jargon, I can help with any of this. But these are basically the three things I need to make it work.

  • The blog needs to have a working feed. You can check to see if it’s functional here.
  • I need a featured image for use on Eval Central (ideally 1700px by 850px)
  • I also require approval from the blogger (if the feed is public, I have access, but participation is totally voluntary).

Current List (italicized just means they are not yet live on eval central):

Awaiting Approval from Blogger

If you know someone who doesn’t have a blog, encourage them to start one.
My suggestion is to start a very basic blog using Wordpress.com. You can start small (and free) but it can scale limitlessly if you begin to enjoy it.


I obviously give approval :slight_smile: I’ll share on Twitter to get others’ approval and suggestions for other blogs.


You have my approval for that blog I’ve always been intending to start…

Also, have you seen AEA’s catalog of evaluation blogs?


Wasn’t going to assume, but I’ll take it :slight_smile:


Now go create it!

  1. Go here and create your blog > https://wordpress.com/
  2. Write 2 posts on your blog before messing with any formatting, or even an about page.

Let the first post be so ridiculously simplistic that you don’t even know if you can call it a blog post.


I’d like to volunteer my blog: http://www.drbethsnow.com/

I’ll just to as motivation to (a) write more often, and (b) write more for an audience than just as a brain dump :grinning:


Hey Dana, can you give me a featured image to use?
I put together a mini guide > Here is how to create the required featured image using Canva.


Can you give me a featured image to use?
I put together a mini guide > Here is how to create the required featured image using Canva.


Thanks Chris, that’s a handy idea and kind for you to take the time to compile it.

If you’re interested in voices outside North America, Zenda Ofir in South Africa has a really interesting blog which she regularly updates. http://zendaofir.com/blog/

Tom Archibald has a very infrequent blog, https://tgarchibald.wordpress.com, but this week he added a useful list of resources for evaluation in a time of crisis.


Here you go!

I couldn’t upload, but here’s the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/71gtupaveok875k/Canva%20featured%20image.png?dl=0


Hey Dana, could you set your blog’s feed settings to full-text?

Here is how you do it:


Chris, I fixed it. You should be good now :slight_smile:


Me please!


I’d love to have my blog shared through Eval Central! You can access it here: www.structuredsolutionsllc.org/blog. Let me know what else you’d need from me. Thanks for the opportunity!


Amanda Klein


It’s not letting me attach a featured image, but here’s a link to it.


Hi. Not totally sure if my blog qualifies — it’s more about design research and foundational research — but thought I’d pass along the link: https://superhelpful.substack.com/

In any case — cheers to more researchers blogging! :grinning:


Hey Kyle,

I think the blog subject would fit. More wondering about substack, which is often for writers aspiring to have paid newsletters. Are you planning on keeping your stuff free? If so, I think I should be able to parse the substack feed.


Hi there, on behalf of ARTD Consultants, I would like to submit our Blog. We have a diverse blog, with contributions from many of our vibrant staff.

Feel free to use this image as our featured image.


Hey @jackrutherford,

Appreciate the submission, but at the moment I don’t think it’s the right fit. The goal is really to boost the ability of independent evaluators to reach an audience.

I have a couple of group blogs but I’m really trying to keep the evalcentral feed to channels that have fewer than 10 members (if you can’t fit all the faces on a featured image, it’s probably not a fit). But ideally indie bloggers, even if they work for larger orgs & consultancies.

Larger consultancies with the right motivation can self-amplify in a way that smaller indie bloggers cannot.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hi Chris,

Here’s a link to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQRpYIk_tw73U2qRwhCj52A?view_as=subscriber

Here’s a link to my website’s blog (I post my youtube videos on there too): https://www.connectingevidence.com/blog