Encouraging evaluation use among decision-makers


Is anyone familiar with literature (academic or otherwise) on promoting evaluation use among decision-makers (like funders or government officials) through media (social media, print news, online news, etc.)?
For example, how do decisionmakers perceive media reports of evaluation studies? Are certain types of media particularly effective for promoting use? What are key elements of an ‘effective’ media story covering the results of an evaluation?

There’s lots out there on helping direct clients use evaluation results (e.g., capacity building, utilization-focused eval), but some projects need to go a step further and influence other key decision-makers (e.g., a client non-profit organization who hopes to use the results of an evaluation to garner funding or influence government decisions). So far, I’ve found some older articles from Carol Weiss, but not much else.


I would recommend broadening your search terms to “evidence use” or “research use.” I don’t know of any particular ones focused on media usage, but these terms might help you out more than searching “evaluation use.” I can do a more detailed search later; this was the topic of my dissertation, but not the media component so I’m not sure of any specific literature on that particular topic off the top of my head :slight_smile:


Thanks for the idea, Dana! I’ll see what comes up using broader terms like those.