Digital Roundtable Sessions?


Hey Everyone,

I’d like to try to reignite this community a bit. One of the things I am thinking about is having a series of digital roundtables on a variety of topics.

Instead of presenter lead, the idea would be to have those of you interested in the topic come in and be a part of the conversation. And maybe invite a few special guests based on each topic. Probably just using Zoom as the platform.

Anyone have thoughts on this?
Any topics you would like to see covered?

Data Viz is an easy one for me to suggest, but I’d love to find a variety of discussion topics.


I think this is a great idea!

DataViz is a really broad topic, though, so I wonder if it would be best to narrow it down somehow? Maybe approach these talks based on questions that pervade the field?

E.g., One topic could be: Common rules of thumbs in dataviz: appropriate or not? Focused on the pie chart, started axes at zero, etc.


Yeah, I think it’s a good idea too. I’d be interested in joining in some sessions. It could be helpful too to have some general guiding questions for each session, so people can prepare and organize their thinking ahead of time.
Another topic idea: values in evaluation


Definitely a good idea I really like idea of using questions to ground the conversations.


Let’s say we use 5 guiding questions. What would you suggest for values in evaluation?


Well I’m pretty new to the conversation of values in eval but caught some discussions on it at AEA2019 and am looking to learn more. I’m about to start reading Schwadnt’s Evaluation Foundations Revisited, which has a chapter on values and valuing.
But some things on my mind right now are how evaluators define values, how values fit in with other core evaluator frameworks like principles and ethics, and eliciting values from the evaluator(s) and stakeholders.