Data quality assessment


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I need like a concept note or a summary on this subject

@During implementation of activities, it will be important to conduct periodic data quality assessment/audit exercises.

1_What are the key characteristics or attributes of good quality data that you will be looking out for during data quality assessment exercises?
2_What key steps would you consider in planning for and implementing a comprehensive data quality assessment exercise?
3_In the second half of the year 3, an end of project evaluation will be conducted. What are some of the key steps that you will follow during the planning and implementation of such an evaluation?

I have searched about these but couldn’t found something which is precis with steps.for the record
The scoop of my work is in humanitarian emergency interventions like WASH, Food security, nutrition, and most of it is field work.

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You might find this text useful in thinking about assessing data quality throughout a project: Managing Applied Social Research: Tools, Strategies, and Insights (Research Methods for the Social Sciences)


In data quality for analysis purposed your need to look for data accuracy, consistencies, completeness, tgat it has no sampling errors, reliability, etc.

For building a DQA system on quality of indicators and filing, there are common guides, each donor had their own guides that should help you. I used to work with USAID and they have their own useful guidance in DQA. They measure the validity, integrity, precision, timeliness and Reliability.

Check these links: