Cartoon Sneak Peak


Thought I would give a sneak peak at one of the cartoons for the post I’ll be publishing this coming week.


This is great! I’m so annoyed at logic model templates. Even the simple inputs --> activities --> outputs --> outcomes one grates me a bit. It doesn’t encourage any creativity in thought about the process, nor does it really encourage people to think critically about their program and how the activities lead to outcomes, for example.


Hopefully you’ll like the post :wink:


Post is live :slight_smile:
I think this is my favorite new cartoon from the post.


Okay, so here is another cartoon sneak peak for next week’s post :slight_smile:


I prefer a T-shirt with a thought-provoking saying and jeans. Does this count? :thinking: :laughing:


Only if instantly internationally recognized.
Needs to be our version of lab coats or hard hats.

Would you consider a T-shirt, jeans, and ridiculous hat?