Broke...then fixed?


Thanks to everyone who let me know the site was not sending emails. Super frustrating I know.

I think we fixed it.

But if you had noticed that nobody was joining or coming on to post new things, that’s pretty much why. If you can’t get an email, you can’t authorize your account. If you can’t authorize your account, you can’t participate. And suddenly it looks like nobody cares.

My email inbox shows evidence much to the contrary!


Is there a way to get email notifications of new posts and threads? I’m getting nada and there’s nothing in the personal notification preferences about getting email notifications, just browser notifications (and no offense but I don’t want to just leave this page up 24/7 or have to remind myself to check it frequently :slight_smile:).


Here you go Dana. I think the weird thing is there is a notification tab (without preferences) and a preferences tab. The preferences tab has email listed along the side menu, and in that section you can change your email settings.

You could follow my described route…or just click on this link :slight_smile:

For anyone else, replace the “danawanzer” with your own user name!


Ah! Well I have everything checked, so hopefully email notifications will start coming out! I got emailed that you replied, so that’s a good sign! Going to try out the mailing list mode first to see if that works how I’d like my notifications to be received. Thanks, Chris!


Tech team is all over it. Keep us posted if things seem funky.