AJE and the Forums


Hi Everyone,

George Julnes, editor for AJE, has made some exciting changes to the contributions categories for the journal. Check them out here: [https://www.eval.org/p/cm/ld/fid=46]

Something we’ve been considering is creating an online forum. One model I’m interested in pursuing is like the American Journal of Education Forum (nice acronym, right?). I published in this several years ago (as an example – http://www.ajeforum.com/promoting-teacher-professionalism-lessons-learned-from-portlands-professional-learning-based-salary-schedule-by-rachael-b-lawrence/). This was a really good experience as a novice academic writer at the time.

What the AJE Forum does is offer an open peer review process, with submissions being reviewed by a student editorial board. Submissions are generally short, around 750 words long, and are meant to forward an academic argument of some sort. It would be a good place for opinions, advocacy, and the like.

While we don’t have a platform to put this on yet (and we have to find out from SAGE what kind of platform might be acceptable), I’m interested in gaging interest. Would doc students enjoy serving in an open peer review capacity? Would you like to have the chance to write short pieces and get open feedback from people in your position? Do you think you might be reading pieces like that?

Thanks for any feedback or ideas you may have!



Interesting, I am not familiar with this model! Do they also get published in the print publications? Do they show up in the “Online First” and other menus of the journal and get emailed out regularly to subscribers? Or is this a completely separate component of the journal that would require separate subscriptions and notifications to go out? I’m just wondering how easy it would be to get this in front of the current subscribers so that people who would publish in this forum would get their stuff read :slight_smile:

Also, I see they also have a podcast! I’ve been noodling on the idea of a research on evaluation podcast and/or blog that primarily discusses the latest research coming out of AJE, NDE, EPP, CJPE, etc. (possibly with the authors themselves, if they are willing and able) and what the research did, the results, and especially the implications for practitioners and the field in general but in a way that is more easily digestible than a journal article and entices people to continue reading the full article. The RoE TIG has briefly talked about it, but I think most people (myself included!) are strapped for time and money.


Great questions, Dana. The way the existing AJE Forum is set up is that we get an email that contains the text of new articles. These articles aren’t usually given the same kind of credit as academic publications with DOI, but they do have a permanence and are good visibility. They usually release 1 or 2 per week. I love the idea of doing an RoE podcast – perhaps if we do a website based forum, it could be a component of it.

When we reworked our contribution categories, we realized that there are some types of papers that are interestings, publishable, etc, but don’t always fit the empirical mold we’re hoping for. And, some people might be daunted by the idea of writing a 10,000 word thing, when they’re playing with a good 1000 word thing. It might be a way of easing into the crazy world of peer review.


Thanks Rachael,

Such a nice initiative. For me I am always looking for new blogs and places for knowledge sharing. But it is always the chalange of time and money. The rticle you shared might be considered long. There should be a way to encourage poeple to read. Podcasts are great idea, one can listen to it while driving. Shorter posts that provide intoruction that encourages one to read the full article could also help



I agree having shorter form articles are a good idea. The forum for the journal is already somewhat like that, capped at 15 pages, but I think having opportunities for students to get involved would be great. I especially think of smaller thesis studies that may not warrant a full journal article but still should be shared with the public would be appropriate for this student forum series. If I were still a doctoral student, I would definitely have considered submitting for publication in the venue!