AEA is Coming...Will you be there?


Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all well! I’m just wondering if a more final idea of who will be attending AEA 2019 this year is now known.

Will you be in warm Minneapolis? Or will you be attending virtually? Will you be presenting? If so, when and on what (so we can support you)?

Reply with your answers!

As for me, I will be there in person and I have two presentations (at the same time, oops). Therefore, I will only be present at the one on Friday at 9:00 am entitled: Embracing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Applications Toward a Future of Evaluation that Leaves No One Behind.


I’ll be there as an attendee. I think this will be my 6th AEA conference.


I’ll be there in person as an attendee! I’m also presenting on a few sessions:

  1. Thursday 8am: Multipaper session in the Use and Influence of Evaluation TIG - “Promoting Evaluation use: The Importance of Relationships, Stakeholder Involvement, and Interdependence” This was my dissertation :slight_smile:

  2. Thursday 3:45pm: Panel on “Benefits of learning R: A guide to getting started individually and as an organization” which I’m presenting with David Keyes, Eric Einspruch, Ava Elliott, and Tom McKlin!

  3. Friday 4:30: Multipaper sesion in RoE TIG - “‘The largest profession no one has heard of:’ How evaluators and others describe evaluation” which I’m presenting with CGU colleagues on my paper “What is evaluation? and how does it differ (or not) from research?”

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference! I’ll be announcing soon the plan for the #EvalTwitter gathering at AEA, most likely Wednesday evening like we did last year.


Excellent! Sounds like your a veteran attendee :grinning:


Very cool! Those are great topics! Hope to see you present!


Unfortunately not me this year!
Good luck everyone who is presenting :slight_smile:


Bummer! Next time!

Thank you!


Nice, sounds like an interesting one, JR!
I’ll be back for my 2nd AEA. Co-leading a Birds of a Feather session on Thursday (12:30-1:30) for new/emerging evaluators to meet and discuss their experiences, struggles, successes: “Finally, I’m an evaluator. Now what?” A Conversation for Emerging Evaluators.
Looking forward to another #EvalTwitter meetup @danawanzer!


Evan, that sounds like an AWESOME Birds of a Feather session! I’m going to encourage my students to attend it.

Glad you’re looking forward to the #EvalTwitter meetup :blush: I’m excited to see all my Twitter peeps (tweeps???)